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Readers don’t always know or need to know who is behind the pen. Even the greatest of authors have been known to seek ghostwriting services. The definition of a ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to produce work for another. You supply the research and in exchange, our writers will translate these ideas into articulate work that appeals to your audience.


• Books


• Articles


• Press Releases


• Memoirs


• Biographies


• Autobiographies


• And much more…


Writers On Duty is also no stranger to meeting the creative needs of our clients. Our writers have been known to master ghostwriting lyrics and other ghostwriting music projects as well.


The process is simple… You supply the work, and Writers On Duty will supply a talented team of writers to meet your writing needs no matter what they are! The sky’s the limit at Writers On Duty.


E-mail us the instructions/directions of your project, and a carefully selected writer will contact you as soon as possible with a reasonable rate.