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Who’s behind the pen?

In the year 2000, Writers On Duty was founded in New York City. It has now expanded its services to Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, the UK, and South Korea, establishing close working relationships with agents, editors, publishers, and producers in both the business and entertainment industries. Writers On Duty is a broad, national network that lets you choose your writing team.



Creativity lives in the idea not its translation.



Did you know that James A. Michener, author of over 40 books including the Pulitzer Prize winning, Tales of the South Pacific, Space and Centennial, employed a staff to research and write many of his books?



Did you know that Jurassic Park author, Michael Crichton once published under a pen name?



Even the President of the United States has at least one rarely named speechwriter. Many famous books, speeches, scripts and other documents are produced by multiple writers, not just “the named” author on the cover.

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